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Centrifugeuse refrigérée pour poche à sang

Centrifugeuse refrigérée pour poche à sang

108.000 MAD

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Centrifugeuse refrigérée pour poche à sangHigh Volume Centrifuges are designed & developed for centrifuging larger volume centrifuge tubes, bottles, blood bags etc. The sturdily built unit is fabricated from steel and epoxy powder coated with stain less steel table top. The unit is provided with control panel with stepless speed control, digital speed indicator, and 0-99 minutes digital timer with a bypass switch for operating beyond 99 minutes and automatic switching off alarm signal and digital temperature control cum indicator (for model RC 7500). The unit is also provided with dynamic brake, zero start interlock, lid locking switch and safety cut off in case of imbalance.Two models are available: High Volume Refrigerated Centrifuge for Blood Bank.
Réf. SML-BBE-011