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Finnpipette focus plus 8 canaux: 1 – 10µl

Finnpipette focus plus 8 canaux: 1 – 10µl

7.771 MAD

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  • Features of the Finnpipette FOCUS PLUS THERMO Micropipette with 8 channels.

– Equipped with anti-fatigue Grip-Index Ensuring an ideal pipetting angle

– Curved handle with ergonomic removable shell

– Quick volume adjustment knob

– Soft push button color code pink

– Fine volume adjustment knob that allows separate adjustment of the last digit

– Easy calibration in the laboratory

– Individual serial number Visible when the cone ejector is in the low position (traceability)

– Power control cone ejector

– Short cone holder; reduces arm and hand fatigue, and allows precise work.

Réf.: THE-FOC8V10