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Micropipette pipetman ultra Gilson à 12 canaux : 1 – 20µl


Micropipette pipetman ultra Gilson à 12 canaux : 1 – 20µl

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Pipetman ULTRA GILSON Micropipette 12 channels with volume range: 1 – 20μl and 0,01μl increments.


  • Yellow color code.
  • Simple electronic adjustment.
  • Ergonomic.
  • Two-piece cone tip for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Removable cone ejector allowing the user to easily access the elements he maintains himself.
  •  It is made of PVDF to avoid any risk of corrosion.
  • The exclusive multifunction electronic display is a patented system for excellent readability and an ultra-precise display of the volume without risk of parallax error.
  •  The volume lock associated with a display screen avoids any risk of changing the volume during pipetting. Control of the pipetting process.
  • Two cycle counters facilitate monitoring in the context of a Quality Control or for maintenance operations.
  • With a patented variable height ejector system that maximizes comfort while improving cone compatibility.
  • Numbers engraved on the hood, to distinguish the different channels.
  • The head of the pipette pivots to fit the most comfortable position. 01 AN warranty.
  • Garantie 01 AN.

Ref .:  GIL-F21041